The Perfect Alternative to Traditional Braces in Charleston, WV


Straighten Your Teeth Without The Drawbacks of Traditional Braces

It’s no secret that straight, well-aligned teeth are an essential part of a great smile. Invisalign provides a great alternative for patients who see the inconvenience and discomfort associated with traditional metal braces as a major obstacle to straightening their teeth. Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, include no metal, and are custom-made for your unique teeth.

How Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics Can Help

For those patients that do not want traditional braces, Dr. Holmes & Dr. Palmer recommend Invisalign. These aligners are a modern approach to teeth straightening without many of the drawbacks of braces. The clear plastic aligners are nearly invisible, allowing you to confidently show off your smile while straightening your teeth.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign uses a series of soft plastic aligners that are virtually invisible and fit comfortably over your teeth to slowly and carefully correct your smile. They work in a series of trays that are changed every two weeks that gradually shift your teeth into their ideal positions.

Why Choose Invisalign For Teens?

Does your teenager need orthodontic treatment but dread spending their high school years as a “brace face”? They already have enough on their plate without having to feel anxiety over their smiles, which is why these aligners are the perfect treatment option. With Invisalign, they can get the beautiful, healthy aligned smile they deserve without brackets and wires.

What Are The Advantages of Invisalign Teen?

Apart from stealthily correcting smiles, these aligners have several benefits over traditional braces. Because they are removable, there are no prohibited foods! Your teenager will undoubtedly be free to enjoy all their favorite treats without worrying about compromising their orthodontic treatment. They can also brush and floss normally instead of having to clean around all that hardware. As an added advantage for parents, each Invisalign Teenager aligner has a blue indicator that fades gradually if your teen is wearing them as directed. So you can make sure they’re staying on track with their treatment!

What Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics Can Do to Help Out

If you’ve been searching for the perfect orthodontic solution for your teens oral health that won’t hurt their confidence, schedule a consultation with Drs. Holmes & Palmer to talk about Invisalign. Call Charleston Office – (304) 343-3672 Hurricane Office – (304) 201-3672 Huntington Office – (304) 781-8600 or email us. Check out this review from one of our happy clients, Jess Godbey:
Very friendly, professional staff and a clean, comfortable office. The doctors are extraordinarily knowledgeable and helpful in the art of creating beautiful smiles. I highly recommend going here for your orthodontic needs, especially Invisalign!