We’re excited to offer Brava:
Great results. Faster. With less hassle.

The Independent Mover technology in this appliance changes everything. Get straight teeth in months – not years. And keep it a secret! Brava is completely hidden behind your teeth. It uses pre-programmed biomechanics combined with artificial intelligence to straighten your teeth independently and simultaneously. We’re excited to offer you the future of orthodontia – featuring the control and clinical excellence we expect and the aesthetic and efficient treatment you desire.

Brava works differently than braces and aligners.

Brava’s co-inventor (and an orthodontist!) Dr. Mehdi Peikar says, “We believe independent tooth movement will fundamentally change orthodontics.” And we agree. With Brava, your teeth are not connected by a wire, so the movement of one tooth does not influence another. The appliance applies light, continuous force 24/7 while you keep doing what you do. That’s the power of Independent Movers. Talk with us about this new and exciting approach to straightening your teeth!

How Brava Is Different

Brava is similar to lingual braces, which are mounted to the tongue side of the teeth instead of the outer surface. However, this appliance has unique benefits. In traditional and lingual braces, the archwire is what provides pressure to the teeth. It’s effective, but it also causes the teeth to move together. Brava, by contrast, makes it possible to move teeth individually to their proper positions. This considerably streamlines the process, making treatment faster and more comfortable.

Benefits of Brava

Brava has a number of unique benefits over traditional braces:

  • The appliance is completely invisible to everyone else. Nobody at your job or school will know you’re having orthodontic treatment until your teeth begin to look straighter!
  • It doesn’t get in the way of flossing. Flossing can be a real hassle with traditional braces, which is why many patients choose water flossers or use floss threaders, but with Brava’s Independent Movers you can floss like normal!
  • Brush with ease. The brackets are very small and easy to brush around.
  • Say goodbye to adjustment appointments! This treatment works off of shape memory in the nickel-titanium Independent Movers to guide your teeth to their final destination, so you don’t need regular adjustments like with traditional braces. What will you do with the time that saves?

What people are saying . . .

It’s changed my teeth so much with something that people don’t even know is there.

It’s (Brava) much more comfortable, not visible, fast and it’s easy to get used to.

I’ve recently gotten SO many comments about how straight my teeth are!

– Reagan

– Zahara

– Emily

Who says your smile can’t change the world?

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