Not Braces. Not Aligners. Independent Movers ™

Before BRIUS there were essentially two options for moving teeth: braces or aligners. Now there’s a totally modern way: Independent Movers ™. Until now, technology limitations have historically offered either aesthetic treatment or efficient tooth movement but not both.

Placed on the back of the teeth, this system provides aesthetic treatment plus clinical effectiveness, from simple to complex cases. The teeth are not connected by a wire so the movement of one tooth does not influence another. 

Holmes and Palmer Orthodontics is excited to start offering BRIUS, the most advanced orthodontic technology on the market. We are proud to be the first practice in the state of West Virginia to offer this advanced technology. 

  • · Faster treatment
  • · Up to 55% faster!
  • · Fewer appt
  • · Less office visits
  • · Less discomfort
  • · Always working and can’t be lost
  • · Truly invisible 

No one will know you’re in treatment. All everyone will see is your beautiful smile!

If you are interested in BRIUS, give us a quick call to discuss. Call Charleston Office – (304) 343-3672 Hurricane Office – (304) 201-3672 Huntington Office – (304) 781-8600 or send us an email.