Digital Impressions For Dentistry And Orthodontics

Leaving Traditional Impressions Behind

At Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics we offer digital impressions for Invisalign and Sure Smile as the alternative to traditional impressions.

How Do Digital Impressions Work?

Digital impressions use cutting-edge laser and scanning technology to create a virtual 3D replica of the inside of the patient’s mouth. The entire process only takes minutes, and the digital impressions eliminate some of the errors that come up with traditional impressions. Digital impressions are an accurate “positive” image of the teeth that enables Drs. Holmes & Palmer to zoom in for more careful evaluation.

Enjoy A Better Patient Experience At Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics

Digital impressions aren’t just better for Drs. Holmes & Palmer; they’re also better for you! In addition, digital impressions are faster, more comfortable, ensure better treatment thanks to greater accuracy, and sometimes even cut down your number of appointments! To learn more about what digital impressions can do for you, give us a call at Charleston Office – (304) 343-3672 Hurricane Office – (304) 201-3672 Huntington Office – (304) 781-8600 or email us.