Charleston West Virginia

All about Charleston, West Virginia

Beautiful Charleston, the capital and cultural hub of wild, wonderful West Virginia goes all the way back to the 18th century to Fort Lee. This first permanent settlement was built in 1787 by Col. Savannah Clendenin and his company of Virginia Rangers. Fort Lee occupied the area that is now the intersection of Brooks Street and Kanawha Boulevard. Believed to be named after Col. Clendenin’s father, Charles, “Charles Town” was shortened to “Charleston” to avoid confusion with another Charles Town in eastern West Virginia.

Charleston, West Virginia, is known for its people’s genuine hospitality and perfect position at the Kanawha and Elk rivers’ junction. It’s also where the three main interstates converge, making it highly accessible for residents and visitors alike. Charleston boasts the history you’d expect of a capital city, but a growing arts scene and a riverside position making it a perfect hub for outdoor recreation and cultural activities.

Holmes and Palmer Orthodontics and Working and Living in Charleston, West Virginia

John Denver said it best …. Almost Heaven, West Virginia. With its stunning mountain views, winding country roads, and a place that feels like home, it’s no wonder our Drs. Holmes, Palmer, and Signorelli chose Charleston, West Virginia, to set up their dental practice.

All of our doctors are proud West Virginians and on a mission along with their friendly team to provide you with the most beautiful smile.  Well-aligned teeth are an essential part of a great smile and higher self-confidence.  If you’ve been considering braces for your teen or simply wondering about adult braces options for yourself, schedule a free consultation with Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics to talk about Invisalign. Invisalign is virtually invisible, includes no metal, and is custom-made for your unique teeth.

Barkadas Restaurant and Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics 

Celebrate that gorgeous straight smile at Barkadas Restaurant less than 1 mile from Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics. Barkadas is Filipino street slang, meaning a group of friends getting together. That of which is precisely how the idea of the restaurant developed. 

The friends’ vision was to invite the neighborhood together to disconnect from their busy lives in a warm and welcoming atmosphere with the tastiest unique flavors and a drink in hand. 

This modern but cozy space has a very relaxed and young industrial vibe. The menu is an incredible fusion of Filipino and American street foods with elevated flavors. Don’t be surprised to see fried spam, nachos, bao buns, burritos, burgers, and more.

Please don’t take our word for it, but the Lumpia is not to be missed. Six perfectly crispy and delicious Filipino-style pork egg rolls served with house-pickled veggies and dipping sauces. Perfection.

After enjoying the Lumpia, order a few bao buns. Bao Buns – Soft, pillowy, perfectly steamed buns with your choice of filling: crispy Glazed Pork Belly or Chicken Karaage and colorful veggies that blend beautifully.  Grab your family, pick up your friends and head to Barkadas for a new experience in food.