Insurance & Billing

Making Orthodontics Affordable

Most people have orthodontic concerns such as crowded teeth, crooked teeth, spaces, bite related problems, or they just don’t like their smile. Problems like these are treated by an orthodontist, who is a dental specialist focusing on moving a patient’s teeth and bite into the proper relationship for the best function, cosmetics, and stability. The biggest hurdle for many patients needing orthodontics is the fact that treatment can have a large price tag. To make matters worse, most orthodontists require a large initial downpayment. The following will discuss different strategies to help decrease the cost hurdle of orthodontics to allow you or your child to get the orthodontic treatment that you need.


Dental insurance is a huge help when it comes to paying for orthodontic treatment. Many people have dental insurance, and many dental insurance companies provide a substantial benefit towards treatment by an orthodontist. One common misconception with insurance is that all insurance companies will only provide benefits to certain orthodontists or providers. This is not true. In fact, almost all insurance companies will pay benefits to any orthodontist. Also, most orthodontists will accept the benefit from any insurance provider. At Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics, we DO accept orthodontic insurance benefits from any insurance provider including Delta Dental, CHIPs and Medicaid. Different insurance plans provide different levels of orthodontic benefits that pay in different ways, which can be confusing and overwhelming. But these are aspects of coverage that we at Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics can confirm and simplify for you at a free consultation.


Most orthodontists require a large downpayment in order to cover their upfront overhead costs. This can deter patients or postpone treatment until they save up enough for the upfront downpayment. At Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics, we don’t want a large downpayment to get in the way of you or your child getting the treatment that you need, so we DO NOT require downpayments for braces. Clear aligner therapy is beginning a program that also allows us to eliminate the need for a downpayment. This is a new program that is being worked out through the clear aligner manufacturers to eliminate the burden of large downpayments with clear aligner treatment.

Financing Options

Probably the most effective method of decreasing the cost burden of treatment with the orthodontist is to make it more manageable with financing. Costs of treatment can be spread out over time to ensure lower payments each month. Our goal at Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics is to obtain the lowest monthly payments possible, and the best part of financing with us is that it is interest free.

Another helpful financing option is to use third party financing that has a simple approval process that allows patients to finance interest free for up to 2 years depending on the case. These third party financers are just another option available to help prevent the cost of orthodontics from interfering with your treatment needs.

At Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics, we have a couple of additional strategies for decreasing the burdensome cost of the orthodontist. We have a program called “Banking for Braces” in which our financial coordinators help you save in order to lower monthly payments to fit any budget. Also, we have a “Patient Referral Program” that allows patients to decrease their treatment cost all together with the referral of new orthodontic patients to our practice. We continue to come up with new ways to help patients get over the cost hurdle of orthodontic treatment. We are committed to giving you a great orthodontic experience that is affordable for you.


Orthodontics can be very affordable for anyone as long as all options are considered appropriately. At Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics, we work very hard for you to get the maximum insurance benefits for your treatment, we do NOT require any down payments on the vast majority of our treatments, and we customize all financing options to fit your specific budget. Don’t let finances stand between you or your child and your orthodontic needs. Allow us to put together a plan that works for you at a FREE consultation with Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics, and Live Life Smiling!