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The Mission of Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics

Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics is passionate about centering their practice on exceptional experience and excellence. They lead the dental industry in the latest technological developments and techniques. 

Their passion is helping each of their patients create a confident and beautiful smile. They take pride in their mission of having a patient-centered care philosophy. Whether you need preventative dental care treatment, Invisalign, braces, or a more complex cosmetic dental procedure, you can rest assured that their team is committed to helping you maintain your oral health through quality and affordable dental care. 

Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics is committed to excellence in all of the services they provide to their patients. Their mission is to help their patients achieve the highest level of dental health appropriate for their needs in an atmosphere of integrity and compassion.


About the Orthodontists at Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics

Dr. Holmes, Dr. Palmer, and Dr. Signorelli were born and raised in West Virginia and have a combined dental experience of over 60+ years.  All three doctors are loving husbands, doting fathers, and fiercely proud to be West Virginians.

Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics is passionate about centering the practice on excellence in orthodontic patient care. They have built a strong foundation with the highest commitment to personal and professional integrity while also providing patients with a five-star experience. 

But Holmes & Palmer is committed to more than just excellence in orthodontics and Invisalign. They are fully committed to their patients and the community they serve, which means more than adjusting braces. Their mission to provide the highest level of care is why they are so passionate about giving back to their patients and the community. 

They take their compassion, dedication, and knowledge to make a difference in as many lives as possible. They hope to extend their experience and reputation as local dentists to help improve their community. 

They believe donating time to support individuals in the community is highly beneficial for the dental team. Volunteering often is healthy, both physically and mentally. In addition, volunteering gives the dental team a sense of purpose outside the office. Nothing beats the feeling of giving back and contributing to society.

Giving back is a great way to get to know the community and its citizens. Working alongside peers who also care about improving their community helps one better understand the people’s circumstances. Having an open-minded perspective of the different walks of life allows Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics to be more effective and empathetic.


Braces and Invisalign at Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics

Traditional braces are the most efficient way of addressing most orthodontic problems. Wire braces consist of metal brackets that are cemented to each tooth and archwires that run across them. The archwires come in different sizes and stiffness levels depending on how Drs. Holmes & Palmer want the patient’s teeth to move between appointments, and they are held in place by colorful elastic ligatures. Additional orthodontic appliances can be attached to braces to help correct difficult problems like a bad bite.

For those patients who do not want traditional braces and who are eligible, Dr. Holmes & Dr. Palmer recommend Invisalign. Invisalign is a modern approach to teeth straightening without many of the drawbacks of braces, such as greater difficulty brushing and flossing and abiding by the banned foods list. The clear plastic aligners are nearly invisible, allowing you to confidently show off your smile while straightening your teeth.



Patient Benefits of Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics


Age Appropriate Treatment

At Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics, treatment for children is always based on what is best for your child. In some of today’s dental practices, we still find dentists treating orthodontic issues in children with two-phase treatment when one phase would suffice. Their motivation may be based on financial gain or ignorance of better options. 

At Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics, we always take a conservative standpoint. Drs. Holmes, Palmer, and Signorelli do not recommend early orthodontic treatment unless severe issues exist. This is how they have earned the reputation of having the highest level of honesty and integrity.


Brace Bucks

BRACE BUCKS is our dental currency awarded to our patients who complete specific tasks or participate in contests. Patients can exchange Brace Bucks at any moment for fabulous prizes like gift cards and headphones.  

Brace Bucks are given for reviews or posting a selfie of your appointment on FB. We give out bucks for every “A” on your report card too. We have monthly dress-up opportunities to earn even more. And if you participate in some of the contests, you can even get a chance to earn up to $350 in our Cash Grab Machine. Food and toy drives, amongst many other opportunities, are ways to gain entries in the Cash Grab Machine! Nominate your favorite teacher in May, and both of you could win big!  


The Smile Shuttle

The SMILE SHUTTLE is a complimentary patient service offered only at Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics. The shuttle works on a rotating schedule that picks your child up from selected schools, takes them to their orthodontic appointment, and safely returns them to school afterward.  

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